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Capture good luck dreamer

- - - - - - Shi Nengxiang of president of limited company of Guangzhou Xinghua glass

Opportunities for each entrepreneur, have extremely important significance; grasp fleeting opportunities, to set foot on the cause of road; today we show the protagonist Xinghua glass limited company chairman Shi Nengxiang, is a successful opportunity catcher, he in poineering road, seize the two most the key opportunities. The first time he was selected the right timing, successfully entered the automotive glass manufacturing; and the second time he is already into a ball and automotive glass manufacturing industry the successful transition of break out of an encirclement make his enterprise become the automotive bulletproof glass industry benchmark, to become China's automotive bulletproof glass market leader. Application of the wealth of life.

In the army in 1984 eight year veteran cast can ring facing job, organization sent him to Foshan Sanshui reeducation through Labor Institute, nature competitive application rang reconciled in such a unit, through a peaceful and secure life, work one year later, he resolutely chose to leave,

Application of chairman: we ( corrections) closed in 2000 people, is in prison, every day can go as we, the public security police, is life imprisonment, without period, so when it comes to the place, I feel that, not to me what great future, I want to go home go to.

Returned to his hometown of Shi can ring to business, it was the beginning of reform and opening up, as people living standard rise ceaselessly, foreign car began to enter the domestic, is good at pondering the application rang found business opportunities.

Application of chairman : at the beginning of 80 time, at that time, ( foreign import car ) break the glass, other parts is broken, the car must be put in the garage, or in the garage, to put a few months, the longest sometimes for a year, and the glass is very expensive, thousands of pieces of money, some say from the United States of America transported, or transported from Japan over tens of thousands of dollars, the glass is.

See import auto glass demand is so great, Shi to loud and excited, determined in this industry ambitions, but suffer from on the automotive glass processing technology management does not understand very, how ability is faster in this field? Say to want to know the taste of pear, the best method is, to taste, the friend introduced, application can ring became a Fujian glass company salesman, barracks life honed willpower, so he quickly become an excellent employee.

Application of chairman: I to which unit to go, there is a force in this style, say what to do, I do, I won't say Waihua ah, say anything, do do, hard to do.

Went one many year, Shi can ring on the automotive glass market, with a more comprehensive grasp of this firm, he engaged in the industry are determined, then, he embarked on a business trip.

Application of chairman: I was there for more than a year, has accumulated a lot of, from the management experience, technical experience and market experience, so I think it is, do the import auto glass, in this market, in 80 time metaphase, initially at the time, is very prospect, import car so much, so I told my boss said, I want to do.

Through a series of twists and turns, Shi can ring came to Guangzhou, took over the failing Liwan forward glass factory, through a series of reforms make snap, glass plant life.

The story of entrepreneurship here seems to have come to an end, but the story for the application rang and he Xinghua glass, said before all, just a prelude, their real opportunity, it is in on century nine zero time later period market development building, at that time, relative management extensive comparison, low threshold of Automotive glass manufacturing, greatly small glass factory as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the ceaseless emerge in large numbers, in which the application can ring also gradually felt competitive pressure; meanwhile, a newspaper the news, let him once again found the implication of the opportunity.

Application of chairman: 96 years of the April, Guangdong Province in the US for a month two, shock and foreign bank robbery truck is our case, since the establishment of new China, the biggest rise, the two big cases, millions of, have occurred in Guangdong, caused not (only ) China 's attention, and all the world to disturb, the Guangdong police is also very seriously, the Chinese Ministry of public security is very heavy.

Perhaps in many people's eyes, the news at best, but is at one's leisure talking, but in the eyes of energy response is not so simple, after all around, he learned of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department has developed a bullet-proof glass, intention, he immediately realized that this is a blank in the project of new and high technology, have a brilliant future, and make a prompt decision, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department signed a cooperation agreement, began the development of automotive bulletproof glass.

Application: the public security office, chairman of the technical director to say, don't you think ah, you do this with the glass of different ah, you that the automobile glass can, as long as you do it deformation, bending on the line, the glass is to be bulletproof ah, is to protect life, with your different, I said no matter what, my first project with your statement, I first next project,

No data, no precedent, from scratch, to create China's own bulletproof glass, easier said than done, Shi can ring encounters the difficulty, greatly beyond his expectations, just be in a nice hobble when, him person of Southern unyielding personality, once again broke out,

Application of chairman: love fight will win, the song that is to say, we Taiwanese people a (mental ): Games, will win! In me may be more or less also, my this person is a person who dares.

Application of ring led a group of technical personnel, sixteen hours per day to soak in the workshop, optical test bullet tried nearly three thousand, cost about two million yuan, after nearly a year of testing, finally in 1997 October, bullet-proof glass test that day came.

Application of chairman: will I hold identification is secure, but to see so , many experts, and our Public Security Bureau leadership, and the relevant departments, including bank representatives, the day I was nervous, I say if missed, if luck is not good, if it is unable to do, how to do? There is a tense, later that day live detection, we have a lot of field detection of live ammunition, the theory is sure, but in fact, even experts, because after all we contact the bulletproof glass, just contact, later that day live detection is very successful.

The successful development of bullet-proof glass, in the industry has a huge earthquake, Hing Wah Group has become China bullet-proof glass manufacturing models, in this regard, Shi can ring was not satisfied, he relies on companies in the automotive glass manufacturing on the accumulation of technical experience, continue in-depth research and development, and developed a bullet from the outside can not enter, but from the car can through the glass hit the model of automotive bulletproof glass. This technology in China and even in the world, are in a leading position.

Shi Chunli General Manager: we now with the National more than 20, thirty bulletproof car, have business contacts, and now tried to Chery, are teamed up to develop a police bullet-proof vehicles, another part for, civil car bullet-proof glass.

Not only in the domestic market to meet the strategy of the Wah Group will look to lock in, the next opportunity, that is into the vastness of the overseas market.

Shi Chunli General Manager: we plan in three to five years, with the German side, Benz or BMW, can form a strategic partnership, such a relationship, our company for their related products, then the other hand, they can be in the technical aspects, in strategic terms, can be to support.

With the international famous automobile group cooperation, not Hing Wah glass on the spur of the moment, but for their own strength of cognitive, now Hing Wah Group of automotive bulletproof glass, was inferior to the international advanced products, they need now is a lever, or another opportunity, this time, Xinghua glass option is to take the initiative, in the world for high levels of partner.

Shi Chunli General Manager: the domestic words, now of automotive bulletproof glass, we Xinghua Company technology is already very mature, as did ten years this glass, continuously improved, in with the rest of the world side, a why would like to with this, several big companies to work together, first a a market development, another one is in the aspect of technology, constantly communicate with them, to improve this piece of automotive bulletproof glass, and even civil bulletproof glass, this technical improvement, development.

" Book of changes " cloud: a hidden device in the body, bide one's time. On the surface, applying can ring access to today's results, depends on him good at grasping opportunity perspective, but from a deeper level, his spirit, his efforts, as well as his obsession; all of these factors are intertwined, formed him to open the door to success.

Application of chairman: life have many opportunities, how to grasp this opportunity, how to seize, as us, we will firmly seize the bullet-proof glass this opportunity, the opportunity identification, grasp, we use the Taiwanese people the spirit: Games, will win! To do this job, the job done right!

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